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Arktes Oy is an architectural agency established in 1983 with offices in Oulu and Helsinki. The most important sites designed by the agency include recreation centers, aquaparks, swimming halls, hotels, spas, rehabilitation centers and fitness centers. The designed sites are located in Finland and in several other European countries.

Arktes Oy has been a pioneer in spa and swimming hall construction in Finland. Finland’s first subtropical aquapark, Oulun Eden, was ideated and started up by our office. After this pilot project we have designed tens of tourist and recreation sites. Often the work has started with ideation of a project and continued to the design of the buildings themselves.

Our office has won the Örnsköldsvik Familjebadet Build and Design contest and most recently the international Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät design contest in 2004, among others.

Arktes Oy’s employers have been with us over 15 years. During this time the diverse sites in different surroundings and cultures have given us experience and viewpoints as well as abundant professional skill in taking on new, challenging jobs.